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Managed SD-WAN

ProComm Managed-SD-WAN powered by Meraki’s new approach to network connectivity allows you to connect remote sites over any WAN including inexpensive Internet links secured by Meraki Auto VPN. The proposed Cisco SD-WAN powered by Meraki also enhances network connectivity that helps you reduce operational costs and improve network resiliency and resource allocation. Reliability is an integral element of this solution. It offers multiple uplinks with load-balancing, intelligent path control, and automatic failover. This cloud-managed SD-WAN solution is smart, simple, secure, and provides an excellent user experience with automatic failover to deliver optimum WAN connectivity for your branches.


Hybrid work environment and digitisation has increased the need for organisations to subscribe to a managed SDWAN service

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The advantages of SDWAN service are:


Secure Connections

Integrated Cisco Security threat defence technologies for direct Internet access (DIA) combined with IPsec VPN to ensure secure communication with cloud applications, remote offices, or data centers.

Intelligent Path Selection

Dynamic policy and performance based path selection with automatic load balancing for maximum network reliability and performance.

Application Control

Meraki products provide centralized network visibility and control via the web based dashboard. Easily apply QoS and bandwidth management with Meraki traffic shaping.

Transport Independence

Apply bandwidth, routing, and security policies across a variety of mediums (MPLS, Internet, or 3G/4G LTE) with built-in load balancing, automatic failover capabilities and a single consistent, intuitive workflow.

Cisco Meraki SDWAN

  • Optimize traffic over all available paths between sites and all multi-cloud environments—public and private
  • Build resilient SD-WAN connectivity with integrated wired and cellular WAN, switching, and Wi-Fi

Fortinet SDWAN

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN is designed to address modern complexity and threat exposure to support customers critical business needs. It is designed to evolve to future-proof and protect investments as customers embrace a digital-first journey and support work-from-anywhere.

Cisco SASE

The Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), is an architectural approach that offers an alternative to traditional data center-oriented security. SASE converges networking capabilities with cloud-native security functions to simplify deployment and streamline management in the cloud..

Cisco Umbrella DNS

Cisco Umbrella can help you cut complexity, reduce risk exposure, and improve performance with a single cloud-delivered service that deploys easily and scales with your business.

The benefits of a SASE architecture include:

With the growth in networks and unification in communications, the security threat has grown proportionately on its own front. Our team of security experts has many years of experience in the design and implementation of security solutions on a broad spectrum of products.

Security management is at the core of our advisory services-giving network security managers, better administration and management of security infrastructure to deal with security incidents and vulnerabilities when they occur and fine-tune the security environment. The ultimate goal is to achieve a self-defending network-no matter the size.

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